Dapatkan Go SMS Pro untuk Android anda

Dapatkan sensasi messaging terbaru dengan aplikasi Go SMS Pro ini, bukan hanya kirim/terima sms (pesan text) tapi anda akan mendapatkan lebih dari itu yang saya referensikan buat bara pembaca sekaligus pengguna android diantaranya sebagai berikut :
  1. Full SMS/MMS support
  2. GO Share service, send file through 2G/3G/4G or WIFI or by one SMS
  3. GO Chat/Facebook Chat support
  4. Doodle, Handwriting
  5. Private box
  6. Schedule SMS
  7. Batch modes
  8. Popup with quick reply, privacy mode
  9. SMS backup and restore by all or by conversations, can be sent to email
  10. Many cool themes; also DIY theme, Theme Maker plug-in;
  11. Fully customizable look; Supports chat or list style; Font changeable
  12. Security lock, support lock by thread; Blacklist
  13. Support GESTURE, left/right slip, many transition effect
  14. Support Emoji with Emoji pulg-in
  15. Settings backup and restore
  16. Facebook contact photo support
  17. Group texting
  18. Notification with privacy mode and reminder notification
  19. Support folders view: Inbox, Outbox, MMS, created folders, encrypt folders
  20. Individual customization for Notification , Signature and Conversation
  21. 1×1 icon widget with message count and 4×2 medium widget
  22. Support many languages
  23. Online SMS lib
  24. Handy, build-in Contacts
  25. Night mode
  26. Stock SMS can be removed (but please be care)
  27. Split large messages for CDMA
  28. Time offset adjustment
  29. Avoid disordered messages: sort by time or by order of msg sent/received
  30. Localization support for accented chars: by enabling Czech, Polish and French SMS mode
  31. Quick text management
  32. Messages grouping (Group mode or Separate mode)

Dari semua fitur yang diatas, dapat saya sederhanakan aplikas ini sebagai MSN (Messaging Social Network) khalayakna seperti BBM pada BlackBerry.

Anda tertarik kah untuk menggunakan aplikasi ini, silahkan di download di market atau klik aja link ini secara gratis.


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