CSS Animator in Chrome … CSS3 based transition animation

CaptureCreate banners, slideshows, buttons, menus, 3D effects, widgets, and more. Full HTML5 / CSS3 based transition animation support.

NodeFire is a comprehensive visual tool that creates animated HTML content and widgets for desktop browsers and mobile devices. Utilizing a new hybrid animation technique, NodeFire extends the modern browsers CSS3 transition capabilities while maintaining support for older browsers. NodeFire is the only CSS focused animation tool on the web. Go beyond simple inline styles and animate any custom CSS rule you define.

Drag and drop element nesting allows for complex animations and widgets to be visually created. All actions such as mouse events are triggered with full hierarchical support (similar to a deeply nested drop down menu).

Animate anything! Virtually every CSS style setting is offered in a compact visual tree and can be applied to any stage element, groups of stage elements, or to CSS rules. Add numeric and non-numeric settings to your timelines, includingelement content (innerHTML).

Define unlimited timelines and trigger them based on visually select-able actions and target element combinations. Create a complex interactive drop down menu, slideshow, or product banner without having to write a single line of code.

Predefined element types such as list items, float items, grids, 3D shapes, and more can be drag created in a single step. Adding elements with repeating items such as a button bar, menu, or slide show is fast and intuitive.

An advanced API with key frame scripting capabilities is built directly into the software. Add scripted keys, or generate any styles key frame value with custom script, then let the animator tween it for you.

NodeFire is fully integrated with the Google Drive cloud. Save and open stage animations directly from NodeFire, or through the Drive interface.

Publishing animated stages to a web page is simple and fast. A compact self contained script which adds NodeFire support to your document is pasted to the head section of your HTML. Your animations / widgets are simple standards compliant SEO DIVs which go in the body of the document.

Visit here to know n installing into your chrome -> https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/3d%20css?hl=en-US


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